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Vegetable satay

Сатэ из овощей
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This simple but very tasty dish I cook all the time, while there is ground vegetables for sale at him. And if some components, such as bell peppers or zucchini in the fridge was not - not at all upset, and even more so do not run them in the vegetable shop or on the market. There is no way, the taste of this vegetable satay if and suffer very slightly and insignificantly. Moreover, the exact number or weight, as a vegetable laying not all strictly on the eye.



Therefore, to prepare this vegetable satay, we need:
• Three medium-sized eggplant;
Сатэ из овощей

• Two large zucchini;
Сатэ из овощей

• A couple of big Bulgarian perchin;
Сатэ из овощей

• Two medium carrots (can be three, I just do not find);
Сатэ из овощей

• One large onions;
Сатэ из овощей

• Five ... six ripe tomatoes;
Сатэ из баклажанов

• And one medium-sized head of garlic.
Сатэ из баклажанов

In addition, you will need one teaspoon of salt with a slide, as much sugar,
Сатэ из баклажанов

and 50 ml of vegetable oil. Here it is poured into a deep frying pan, for which there is a cap and put on the fire to warm up.
Сатэ из баклажанов

In the meantime, finely cut onions, and when the oil is warmed up strongly,
Сатэ из баклажанов

Put the onions to brown. Just checking if it loud zashkvorchit and bubbled, the oil warmed up to the desired temperature. - If not premature. Therefore, if you do not know this pan "inside out", then it is better to put a little bit and see the reaction. After all, the thickness of pans and burner power at all different, so there is no exact time and can not be. And in such a simple way, we immediately browning onions, preventing him to let the juice.
Рецепт сатэ из овощей

And further still simpler: cut - put - mixed - started the following ingredients. Therefore, carrots cut into small cubes,
Рецепт сатэ из овощей

and spread.
Рецепт сатэ из овощей

Eggplant cut has larger
Рецепт сатэ из овощей

and also spread. All vegetable oil, which seemed odd to you, immediately absorbed in them, because the eggplant - a kind of "culinary sponge."
Рецепт сатэ из овощей

With peppers are doing well
Сатэ рецепт

also spread, stir, and take over zucchini.
Сатэ рецепт

Without variation: cut,
Сатэ рецепт

posted mix. And all this time, fry the ingredients of our satay vegetables without covering the pan with a lid and does not reduce the fire under it.
Сатэ рецепт

After a couple of minutes add salt, sugar, crushed garlic cloves special press, and on top of all three tomato halves so that the outer skin is left in our hands, and in the pan just got a thick tomato puree.
Сатэ рецепт

Mix the last time, cover with a lid, reduce to a minimum the heat and simmer for another 10 so ... 12 minutes.

That's all the wisdom. And you've just seen, what to cook this tasty vegetable satay, which is unmatched regardless of temperature, very, very simple.
Enjoy your appetite.

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