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Currant compote

Смородина красная компот на зиму
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Summer is the season zakatok, it is no wonder they say that it is the winter feeding. When all the fruits, vegetables and berries are not grown in greenhouses and irrigated with drip irrigation is strictly in the designated hours and a certain volume, and grow just like that, the trees, shrubs and beds. Really eye, and then the stomach really enjoys. 



However, compote of red currant is another advantage, in addition to the incomparable taste and ease of preparation, it is his awesome taste. And pass it on the photo will not work (or I did not get), so I just have it ready for the winter. After all, how many other drinking fruit drinks, which do not have to cook, it must be insisted and absorb the flavor and color of berries. So, for a month or just "forget it" in the closet, out of direct sunlight.
So, today will prepare compote of red currant. But first put to boil water at the rate of 2.5 liters per three-liter jar. After all, surely, even as a "trial balloon" you a compote of red currant is not limited.
Смородина красная компот на зиму

Berries, rinse, and then fallen leaves. But sprigs choose does not make sense to me, it's a waste of time.
Смородина красная компот на зиму

In the jar, measure 500 grams of red currants,
Смородина красная компот на зиму

and fill had time to boil water.
Смородина красная компот на зиму

Six ... eight hours when the banks with the future of red currant compote completely cool, drain the beautiful, but absolutely savory water back into the pan and put it to boil. And in the meantime to each jar, pour sugar,
Компот из смородины без стерилизации

at the rate of 200 grams per liter of three.
Компот из смородины без стерилизации

Boil water. Pour it over the berries and roll up the banks.
Компот из смородины без стерилизации

Turn them upside down to check the quality of the covers and how well you "bossed" seaming machine.
Компот из смородины без стерилизации

That's all the wisdom. Currant compote without sterilization ready. And when on a frosty winter day you open jar of red currant compote, awaits a small miracle absolutely in every glass.
Компот из смородины без стерилизации

Bon appetit.

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