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Rustic Cherry Pie

Rustic Cherry Pie
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When I caught the eye of the recipe for this cake with cherry village, it did not attach any value. Well, really, everything is a snap, and even just, I decided, and set it aside "for later". He did the composition of ingredients, neither the technology nor the name, did not cause macabre curiosity, forced to go straight to the kitchen.



But one day, it happened, 600-gram package of frozen pitted cherries, prudently bought in a supermarket, has been forgotten and left lying in the trunk. And when a few hours later I'm talking about it all the same thought, it was too late: he did razmёrzsya, which means that something urgently from it, you must prepare. And as the time on the clock is approaching midnight, to go though in some store just did not have the desire, the ingredients were limited to what was home.
Therefore, except for the cherry,
Пирог с вишней рецепт с фото пошагово

which has already razmёrznutsya (fold it in a colander to excess juice glass, and our rustic Cherry Pie is simply not "floated"), you'll need:
• half cup of wheat flour,
Пирог с вишней рецепт с фото пошагово

• one-third cup of corn,
Пирог с вишней рецепт с фото пошагово

• a glass of sugar,
Пирог с вишней рецепт с фото пошагово

• two tablespoons of starch,
Пирог с вишней рецепт с фото пошагово

• 100 grams of butter,
Пирог с вишней рецепт с фото пошагово

• salt - on the tip of a knife,
Пирог с вишней на скорую руку

• one egg, to be exact - only protein from it
Пирог с вишней на скорую руку

• and of 50 ... 60 ml of water.
Пирог с вишней на скорую руку

That's all that we need to prepare the village of cake with cherries. Getting.
Both flour, salt, sugar and half the volume of the butter, mix into a homogeneous mass. I did it just hands, and you can take a mixer or whisk. But just as it is - an ordinary shortbread dough exclaim experienced housewives and will be absolutely right. But do not rush to conclusions,
Пирог с вишней на скорую руку

since the trickle continuously disturbing, add water. You should have a solid, almost sticky ball that is 15 ... 20 minutes, put in the refrigerator.
Пирог с вишней на скорую руку

Starch is mixed with the second half of sugar.
Пирог с вишней на скорую руку

At 200 degrees oven set to warm, and in the meantime We reach the dough from the refrigerator and in the form of (preferably soft silicone) with high edges flatten "cup."
Быстрый пирог с вишней

The starch and sugar mixture add protein and well knead.
Быстрый пирог с вишней

Pour into a form of Vishnu,
Быстрый пирог с вишней

pour liquid foundation
Быстрый пирог с вишней

and folded the edge. Get more "cheesecake with a cherry." 45 ... 50 minutes to put it baked in the oven on the top shelf.
Быстрый пирог с вишней

That's all wisdom, our rustic pie with cherries ready.
Быстрый пирог с вишней

But do not take the time to file and have it immediately (the more so because it is still very hot) and let it stand for half an hour. Believe me, this will only tastes better.

Enjoy your appetite.

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