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Pancakes with crab sticks

Блины с крабовыми палочками
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In general, the first time the pancakes with crab sticks yours truly tried back in the days when they first appeared in the public domain. And many (I - among them), we put them in everything, without knowing the actions and discrimination.
But the years passed, options are much wider, and the desire to experiment and invent something new on the contrary, I have diminished. However, it was pancakes stuffed with crab sticks and hard boiled eggs cooked on the contrary, remained. And I cook them, though not often, but fairly regularly. But how to do it, I'm with you now and share.



The first thing you need to fry the pancakes-Pancakes. And they must be not only thin, but also good flexibility, so that when folding not torn. Therefore, do not leave them for a long time nazharennymi, and immediately fill with.
In addition, we will put them in a pile, one by one, and only then to roll up into a tube. So they have still not stick together. And butter, which we will affect the pan before frying each new pancake (quite a bit two ... three grams, or conic knife), this will be most welcome.
Блины с крабовыми палочками

A self batter for pancakes we make 400 grams (three cups) flour
Блины с крабовыми палочками

one egg,
Блины с крабовыми палочками

liter whey or milk (preferably skim)
Блины с крабовыми палочками

a good pinch of salt,
Блины с крабовыми палочками

and three ... four tablespoons of sugar with a slide.
Блины с крабовыми палочками

And there is a little trick: do not place the flour all at once, and add it gradually vymeshivaya dough. She, by the way, you might want a little more, so do not take it, "just enough."
Блины с начинкой из крабовых палочек

Flat pan (I do at two to speed up the process) put on the fire to warm up. We put the butter (it all the time frying should be at hand, as the process is very fast), and pour very little dough. Very soon you will realize the necessary volume, because they themselves have prepared pancakes very thin.
Блины с начинкой из крабовых палочек

A minute ... two (depending on the thickness of the pan) upside down and fry another 30 ... 40 seconds.
Блины с начинкой из крабовых палочек

Two boiled eggs cook (12 minutes in the salt, then cooled in running water),
Блины с начинкой из крабовых палочек

and 200 g of crab sticks We reach unfrozen.
Блины с начинкой из крабовых палочек

Pancakes are ready. Prepare the filling.
Блины с начинкой из крабовых палочек

Crab sticks cut into medium-sized,
Блины с начинкой из крабовых палочек

eggs and cleaned from the shell and cut into small cubes.
Блины с крабовыми палочками и яйцом

Refill mayonnaise (a little pair of tablespoons will be enough)
Блины с крабовыми палочками и яйцом

and stirred. Toppings for our pancakes with crab sticks ready.
Блины с крабовыми палочками и яйцом

Take a pancake. We spread the stuffing, one ... two tablespoons (less - just do not feel, but more will be torn pancakes)
Блины с крабовыми палочками и яйцом

We folded the edges
Блины с крабовыми палочками и яйцом

and turn straw.
Блины с крабовыми палочками и яйцом

Also we proceed with the rest.
Блины с крабовыми палочками и яйцом

That's all pancakes with crab sticks and eggs are ready. But razzharivat them, or just slightly warmed in the microwave, decide for yourself. Tasty and so and so.

Enjoy your appetite.

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