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Pancakes with cheese

Блины с творогом рецепт с пошаговым фото
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All kinds of pancakes stuffed with a whole, and pancakes with cottage cheese in particular, I cook with enviable regularity. And all because they are constantly making cottage cheese, the basic "raw material" for them - a serum, I always abound.



But just I want to reassure you and to pre-empt an unscheduled trip to the dairy shop in the machinations of a very simple component that manufacturers often just discarded. These same pancakes with cottage cheese you can successfully prepare and conventional cow's milk: no flavor of the finished food or its preparation technology is no different. The only little "but": buy the most low-fat milk, so our pancakes are the most delicate.
Thus, one liter of serum (although I take just two, with a reserve, then to once again not "breed is happiness")
Блины с творогом рецепт с пошаговым фото

mix with one chicken egg,
Блины с творогом рецепт с пошаговым фото

two tablespoons of sugar,
Блины с творогом рецепт с пошаговым фото

and a good pinch of salt into a homogeneous slurry. I have to prepare these pancakes with cottage cheese (as well as all the other stuffed pancakes) use a simple kitchen mixer, although you can take and ordinary hand-whisk. Believe me, just do not have time to get tired.
Блины с творогом рецепт с пошаговым фото

Wheat flour. And though I do not pёk a dozen times, from manufacturer to manufacturer, it is different, and therefore will very different dough. So take the first four high (250 ml) glass well and carefully mix everything,
Блины с творогом рецепт с пошаговым фото

and then the consistency of the dough will understand it even need to be added or not. It turned out it's like liquid sour cream (or thick yogurt, to whom what is more appropriate analogy) - ideally, no - add another third of the cup and stir. Just do not get carried away, the batter must remain liquid, and not "to spoon standing in it."
Блины фаршированные творогом

Fry pancakes. The rule of "thinner - the better" in this recipe are basic, although the first two damn ... I always "go lumpy." Why - I do not know for a long time and take it with humor.
Frying pan with low sides (ideal - generally a pancake, flat) put on the fire to warm up. And though I have it with non-stick coating, and it can fry "dry" before frying each new pancake put a little pinch, butter. And though it turns a little fatter, it will be much tastier.
Блины фаршированные творогом

Therefore ordinary ladle (this will be our ideal standards) Pour the batter into the pan,
Блины фаршированные творогом

and in a minute we turn and fry another 30 seconds. And then the process will go faster, so that the frying pans on two, if you're new to cooking, I do not advise you. Just will not keep pace.
Блины фаршированные творогом

But even on a griddle, you will very quickly fry big stack of pancakes-Pancakes.
Блины фаршированные творогом

A curd preparation I always a little tricky: I take no cottage cheese, sugar, vanilla and sour cream, cottage cheese and ordinary. Not only that, it's easier and faster, so more and depending on your mood and desires, it can be with raisins, dried apricots, or something else.
Как приготовить блины с творогом

At the center of the pancake spread a tablespoon of curd mass,
Как приготовить блины с творогом

We folded the edges
Как приготовить блины с творогом

and make the envelope. A pancake with cheese ready, as do all the others. They are ready.
Как приготовить блины с творогом

Finally. I had never razzharivayu as stuffing becomes a "rubber" and a minute and a half ... just warmed up in the microwave.
Как приготовить блины с творогом

That's all, I enjoy your appetite.

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