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The liver stewed with onions and carrots

The liver stewed with onions and carrots
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All sorts of dishes gras, very, very fond of my wife. Therefore, they know how to cook, which makes punctually. And I, as "gratitude eater" pleased him, and to periodically fotoretsepty them.



But today, knowing that she must return to work very late, terribly hungry and very tired, I decided to please her very simple, but they are no less delicious, braised with vegetables gras. And as the season had not yet become sufficiently warm and yielding, it's only carrots and onions as well as how to prepare all of the "plastic and overseas," I did not want. So I have today in the menu - stewed beef gras with onion and carrot, and here is how to cook delicious and it is very delicate, I will now tell you.
So, we need a piece of liver, about 400 grams,
Печенка тушеная с луком и морковью

Two onion bulbs of medium size,
Печенка тушеная с луком и морковью

two medium carrots,
Печенка тушеная с луком и морковью

teaspoon salt
Печенка тушеная с луком и морковью

vegetable oil, about 30 grams,
Печенка тушеная с луком и морковью

and 100 ml of water.
Рецепт тушеной печенки

Although water still need: the liver to soak into two ... three hours a couple of liters of water. So our meal will be much softer.
Рецепт тушеной печенки

We reach it now, give ten minutes to drain the water, and cut into small pieces.
Рецепт тушеной печенки

In a pan pour half the vegetable oil and put it on the fire to warm up. A few minutes later spread gras and immediately stir, that it is not stuck. Fry long, three ... four minutes, and then in a pan is set aside. And do not transfer it, let walk. So if you take this thick iron "grandmother" pan will only get better.
Рецепт тушеной печенки

In the cauldron (or a high frying pan with a lid) pour the second half of vegetable oil and put the heat up.
Onions clean and cut into thin chetvertkoltsami,
Рецепт тушеной печенки

and spread to brown. He has good browns, so uncovered, over high heat, three ... four minutes will be enough.
Тушеная говяжья печенка

Carrots also clean, cut into small slices,
Тушеная говяжья печенка

and spread to the onions. However, fry for another five minutes,
Тушеная говяжья печенка

then we shift gras, add salt and water, stir, and when the water boils, pinpoint exactly 10 minutes. Under the lid, over low heat, and no longer will otherwise gras "rubber".
Тушеная говяжья печенка

That's all wisdom, gras stew is ready. A garnish it simply asks ordinary boiled rice, though - the choice is yours.
Тушеная говяжья печенка

Bon Appetit.

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