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Pea puree recipe

Pea puree recipe
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Pea puree. I will not write that his preparation will take you a minimum of time, and it is perfectly suitable for those cases where there is nothing in the fridge and eat very, very desirable. That would at least be untrue, since its preparation will have to plan ahead.



After all, from the moment that you decide to cook pea puree before its submission to the table, a lot of time will pass. I have it more often six ... eight hours most of the time which "eats" a simple steeping. But first things first.
So, today, to prepare the pea puree, I will need:
• Dry Peas - 250 grams,
Гороховое пюре рецепт приготовления

• One large onions,
Гороховое пюре рецепт приготовления

• two high (or too large one), carrots,
Гороховое пюре рецепт приготовления

• teaspoon salt
Гороховое пюре рецепт приготовления

• tablespoon sugar
Гороховое пюре рецепт приготовления

• vegetable oil and water.
Приготовление горохового пюре

Lots of water. As the peas before soaking, should be well and rinse thoroughly. But how many times have to fill / drain depends on the cereal producer. But what would be more transparent than the water you are merging, the better, there is no doubt.
Now fill our peas ... two and a half liters of water and "forget" him for a few hours just at room temperature.
Приготовление горохового пюре

Peas swollen and increased in volume by about two times. Fill it with a new one and a half liters of water, add sugar (but in no case do not salt), and put the stew.
Приготовление горохового пюре

Make sure the lid, and when the peas to boil, reduce to a minimum the fire, and cook so ... More half to two hours. More precisely - see for yourself, it all depends on the variety.
Приготовление горохового пюре

We clear the onion and finely cut. Although then it will not matter (bow completely seethe), so it's faster and better to fry.
Приготовление горохового пюре

We spread it in well hot oil in casserole roomy, (because in it we will prepare our pea puree), four ... five minutes.
Вкусное гороховое пюре

Carrot and clean too, like onion, finely cut. Just do not rub it, because then it is guaranteed to let the juice,
Вкусное гороховое пюре

and fry it until golden brown just did not happen.
Вкусное гороховое пюре

Usually enough carrots a few minutes and then add half finished peas (required with water in which it was cooked), and reduce the heat under the cover of his tormented exactly one hour.
Вкусное гороховое пюре

But every 15 minutes to stir our pea puree (especially from the bottom pristynet), and the last time we add more and salt.
Вкусное гороховое пюре

That's all wisdom, pea puree is ready. Enjoy your appetite.

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