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Пирог с абрикосовым вареньем
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Despite the fact that the cake with apricot jam turns out not simply tasty and delicious, and incredibly tasty and unrealistic. And eat it even faster than willing (though it takes a little time), I cook it quite often. And the reason - you need a real, tasty and rich apricot jam made from natural fruit, and not some jam, it is unclear on what to do and what the production has gone into its structure. But if it so happened that delicious toppings available - consider yourself very lucky. After all, everything else - simply elementary.



But like most dishes, this cake with apricot jam begins with butter. It should be soft (but not in any way a liquid), so either remove it from the refrigerator in advance, or use the microwave. Total 200 grams, although very economical and can replace it with margarine, the taste of the finished dish if it is reflected, something very slightly.
Пирог с абрикосовым вареньем

His three major (although can take four, worse will not be exact), eggs,
Пирог с абрикосовым вареньем

and 150 grams of sugar,
Пирог с абрикосовым вареньем

mixer (blender with a whisk, food processor - why do it hands when there are kitchen assistants) ground into a homogeneous mass.
Пирог с абрикосовым вареньем

Now add a teaspoon of baking powder (or soda, but it must first pay off with vinegar)
Пирог с абрикосовым вареньем

and 200 grams (tumbler) flour.
Пирог с абрикосовым вареньем рецепт с фото

Once again, we beat the dough and give it a few minutes to stand until heated to 170 degrees oven. At this temperature, we will bake our cake with apricot jam.
Пирог с абрикосовым вареньем рецепт с фото

Himself jam. As mentioned above, only a good and very good, and it will require 300 ... 400 grams, depending on the package.
Пирог с абрикосовым вареньем рецепт с фото

Pour (dough turned out quite liquid) in the form of the laid parchment paper. So the cake and never stick, and then wash it will be much easier. Fill the top of the jam,
Пирог с абрикосовым вареньем рецепт с фото

and 35 ... 40 minutes (or more accurately, see for yourself), on the middle shelf of the oven baked set. Now We reach our cake with apricot jam and give him 10 ... 15 minutes to cool down. Although I know from experience, these moments of waiting - the most difficult in all his preparation.
Пирог с абрикосовым вареньем рецепт с фото

Sprinkle with powdered sugar,
Пирог с абрикосовым вареньем рецепт с фото

chop and give. We invite everyone to the table, but then again, I know from experience, do not have anyone to call, everything is already looking forward to the most delicious cake with apricot jam.
Пирог с абрикосовым вареньем рецепт с фото

Bon appetit to all of you.

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