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How to cook a pie with cabbage

Как приготовить кулебяку с капустой
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This (as well as all others), pie and cabbage in my house emyu just me. Maybe the reason for the taste of the stuffing may - what I cook it always with meat, or maybe just not anybody gets. I do not know. But most of all - all at once and together.



So today I have the menu very ordinary, even elementary Kulebyaka with cabbage, but how to cook it - just below and you will learn.
So the first thing itself dough. It yeast should go, so knead it stands in advance that it came and stood up. For this purpose, in 100 ml of warm milk (thanks to the microwave oven)
Как приготовить кулебяку с капустой

breed teaspoon active dry yeast
Как приготовить кулебяку с капустой

and two - sugar. "Forgets" this foundation for 10 minutes ... 15.
Как приготовить кулебяку с капустой

Meanwhile, We reach 100 grams of butter out of the fridge, and put in a cold season to a radiator to make it soft, or use all of the same microwave.
Как приготовить кулебяку с капустой

Our base for the dough to rise. She has put in a soft butter,
Кулебяка рецепт с капустой

three chicken eggs,
Кулебяка рецепт с капустой

and half kilograms of wheat flour. And if you want to see our Kulebyaka cabbage turned even more lush and tender, sift it through a fine sieve. You will not regret.
Кулебяка рецепт с капустой

The resulting dough for at least an hour (better - longer) leave in a warm place to approach.
Кулебяка рецепт с капустой

A small head of cabbage,
Кулебяка рецепт с капустой

Кулебяка рецепт с капустой

and butter (or vegetable oil), fry in a skillet.
Кулебяка рецепт с капустой

Put the chicken stew boiled two eggs. Just like always: 12 minutes after boiling in salted water, then Let cool in running.
Кулебяка с капустой фото

A little advice: until cabbage is prepared (which is 10 ... 15 minutes), a couple of times with drain pans stand out moisture when cabbage is very juicy. It will be easier then close up our pie with cabbage.
Кулебяка с капустой фото

At 190 degrees set to heat up the oven.
Well-risen dough (thanks to the activity of yeast) punched, divide into four parts,
Кулебяка с капустой фото

and hands (to the rolling pin, it will stick), flatten a rectangular formation. And lay on a baking sheet baking paper - so it will be much easier to clean.
Кулебяка с капустой фото

Spread on a quarter-cooked stuffing,
Кулебяка с капустой и яйцом

half chopped eggs (more will be harder to close up, checked), all of this salt,
Кулебяка с капустой и яйцом

and now closes up. After all, in essence, pie with cabbage - indoor salty rich cakes, so do it very well that the seam is not raspolzsya during baking.
Кулебяка с капустой и яйцом

And also do a second pie with cabbage, lubricates their chicken egg yolk for shine, and put in the oven on the middle shelf. First three ... four minutes on high heat (to our Kulebyaka cabbage rose), and then 12 more ... 15 minutes Bake at 170 degrees.
Кулебяка с капустой и яйцом

We serve,
Кулебяка с капустой и яйцом

and cut it at once as Kulebyaka cabbage very quickly cools. And do not forget to make a second batch, after all the dough and filling, and even boiled egg we still have.

That's all, enjoy your appetite.

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