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Meat pizza recipe with photos

Пицца мясная рецепт с фото
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Meat pizza among all of the set that I prepare myself, or had a chance to try somewhere, the most beloved. Although the reasons for this is very much (just getting ready, looks good, very satisfying, etc.), the most important thing - a matchless taste.



But today I decided to move away from the now-classic dough preparation for this meat pizza and make a new, hitherto not tested by me, kefir. And you know, the next time I'm going to prepare a new meat pizza, then think about it very much, which option was delicious yeast or this, kefir. After all, it gets a little meat pizza that is very tasty, so more and translucent shortcakes, which is very much pleasing to the eye. So today will prepare meat pizza dough kefir.
Therefore, immediately knead the dough. In general, this proportion - two large meat pizza, so if you want to cook less, or vice versa, more calculated themselves. So, take a tablespoon of sugar,
Пицца мясная рецепт с фото

heaped teaspoons of salt,
Пицца мясная рецепт с фото

two tall glasses of wheat flour,
Пицца мясная рецепт с фото

a cup of yogurt,
Пицца мясная рецепт с фото

100 grams of butter.
Пицца мясная рецепт с фото

and knead it all into a uniform dough. And since there is no yeast to rise and significantly increased in volume, it will not. But give him a warm stand for 15 minutes ... 20, after all it is worth. It will be much easier to roll, and the dough will be very much flexible.
Пицца мясная рецепт с фото

And until the dough for our meat pizza stands on the sidelines, let us study the stuffing. One medium onion bulb clean,
Пицца мясная рецепт

finely chopped,
Пицца мясная рецепт

send and fry in a hot pan with a little vegetable oil.
Пицца мясная рецепт

More will need 300 grams of minced meat. Pork, beef or poultry meat and cook it yourself, or buy ready - all up to you. Technology does not change.
Пицца мясная рецепт

When the onions start to acquire a golden color, spread prepared stuffing and immediately it thoroughly mixed. Otherwise, it will not crumbly, and one formless "chop", which does not fry thoroughly inside and put our meat pizza just does not work.
Cooking as five minutes, salt, pepper to taste, then remove from pan fire. Let comes.
Пицца мясная рецепт

250 grams of hard cheese,
Пицца мясная рецепт

rub on a coarse grater,
Пицца с мясным фаршем

and one medium tomato mine,
Пицца с мясным фаршем

and cut into thin slices.
Пицца с мясным фаршем

However, the main tomato flavor will not he, but 200 ... 250 grams of tomato ketchup.
Пицца с мясным фаршем

170 ... 180 degree turn on the oven to heat up, and themselves proceed to our "mosaic."
Round (and what else could be the right meat pizza) baking dish was covered with baking paper. Divide in half (remember the amount of ingredients), and level flat "pancake".
Пицца с мясным фаршем

Liberally grease ketchup
Пицца с мясным фаршем рецепт

lay out a semi, very juicy meat,
Пицца из мясного фарша

Пицца из мясного фарша

and abundantly (believe me, plus it will not be exact), all fall asleep cheese.
Пицца из мясного фарша

Bake our meat pizza about 15 minutes, removed from the mold and immediately; Ideas. After all, it cools down fairly quickly, so it is not immediately, "with the heat from the heat."
Пицца из мясного фарша

That's all, enjoy your appetite.

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