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Ленивые хачапури с сыром на сковороде
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On the Internet are countless recipes on how to cook the lazy khachapuri. But only they repeat each other, "as a blueprint." But a closer reading of the list of ingredients, to be exact - their proportion, even a novice cook appears stable suspect that it is - nothing more than an ordinary as cooking omelet with cheese, but not the most popular cake from Georgia.



That's why I decided to go another way, and taking the classic recipe for khachapuri, simplify and adapt it to modern realities and the rhythm of life. And the fact that I got very, very good on appearance and taste. But that lazy cook khachapuri also very, very simple, you are now and see for yourself.
So, for this simple dish, you'll need:
• 250 grams of hard cheese (although soon I will prepare it with fresh cheese)
Ленивые хачапури с сыром на сковороде

• tall glass of wheat flour,
Ленивые хачапури с сыром на сковороде

• dill, preferably large,
Ленивые хачапури с сыром на сковороде

• 200 grams of sour cream,
Ленивые хачапури с сыром на сковороде

• Two large (although it may take three) eggs,
Ленивые хачапури с сыром на сковороде

• heaped teaspoons of salt,
Ленивые хачапури с сыром на сковороде

• and vegetable oil for frying. That's all begin.
ленивые хачапури с сыром

Cheese grater rubbed on a medium-sized (of course it is then melted, but it will be easier to mix)
ленивые хачапури с сыром

and fennel, and my good shake off the moisture. So our dough on a lazy khachapuri not "will float", and finely shinkuem it.
ленивые хачапури с сыром

Now, of all the components knead the dough uniform. It is very steep, so the man's strength at this point will not be superfluous.
ленивые хачапури с сыром

In a frying pan, pour vegetable oil and lay out our grilling thick "pancake". In a small fire under the hood, "forget" him for 15 minutes.
ленивый хачапури на сковороде

Then, overturn and without increasing the fire, as under cover fry it with the other hand for another 10 ... 12 min.
ленивый хачапури на сковороде

That's all wisdom, our lazy khachapuri ready. The only thing - give him three ... five minutes to cool down, it will not only tastier, but also easier to cut.

Enjoy your appetite.

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