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Recipe sundried tomatoes for the winter

Рецепт вяленых помидоров на зиму

Sun-dried tomatoes have recently become incredibly popular, many articles contain a variety of options for their preparation, it is not only tasty and healthy dish, it's also an opportunity to meet with Italian cuisine. One of the methods we offer.
So how to cook dried tomatoes? The answer is simple: as well as any fruits and vegetables that are dried in an oven or a specially created for this dryer. In these products lose a lot of moisture - this is the main objective of the process of drying.

Cherry compote

Как закатать компот из черешни

Summer. It's time to fruit and berries in a myriad of what other products that are available all year round, invisibly sidelined. And this is understandable. 

Strawberries compote

Клубничный компот на зиму рецепт

This is a simple conservation of the number of those that are abundant preparing zealous hostesses for the whole winter. And when a cold, rainy day and gets you open this "piece of the summer," the world as if, revives and rejoices with you. And for this to happen in the winter, now have to try and labored. Although the work itself is very conditional, because everything is very, very simple and accessible to almost everyone of us. 

Strawberry jam

Как сварить вкусное клубничное варенье

Preparation of strawberry jam (jam classic and not simplified to not be "five-minute"), it has always seemed a bit long, complicated, and very responsible. But my wife, learning about my fears and feelings, tried to reassure me that I was right only in terms of duration of this process. While there is not any difficulty, and responsibility - rather conditional. Therefore, seeing and remembering all the steps on the photo cooking strawberry jam, I hasten to share these with you.


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