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Apricot compote

Компот из абрикосов на зиму

I love and closes for the winter season in compotes from virtually all available fruits and berries. But one of them count, not only for the delicate and original taste, but also for the incomparable, intense, very bright and deep color. And if you have a particularly honest, even I do not know what more I love apricot compote. So today we have it and cook. 

Cherry plum compote for winter

Компот из алычи

Preparation alychovogo compote, hand on heart, not much different from the same raspberry, strawberry or cherry. But the fruit, and with it the alychovy compote, depending on the color and taste of ripe fruit can vary greatly, and one of the bank to be quite different from others. 

Cherry jam with seeds

Вишневое варенье с косточками

Cherry jam with seeds. This simple combination brings a smile and the warmth of an invisible almost all of us. That cherry jam and eat love even those who jam from berries and other fruits do not eat at all. 

Cherries compote

Компот из вишни на зиму

Compote of all (or almost all) of berries and fruits I love, respect, and try to close for the winter in sufficient quantity. So that later, on a frosty winter day to open a jar and sweaty feel invisible touch the hot summer. 

Currant compote

Смородина красная компот на зиму

Summer is the season zakatok, it is no wonder they say that it is the winter feeding. When all the fruits, vegetables and berries are not grown in greenhouses and irrigated with drip irrigation is strictly in the designated hours and a certain volume, and grow just like that, the trees, shrubs and beds. Really eye, and then the stomach really enjoys. 


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