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How to cook adjika

Как приготовить аджику

It is possible that offering experienced (almost said haired) from cooking professionals say that this recipe is simple adzhika has nothing to do with the seasoning they do in Georgia. I will not argue with them (no need, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion), but I call it home is a simple adzhika.

Pickled hot peppers

Острый перец маринованный

Up to one celebrating a birthday at home, the wife always wondered: "How can you eat this sharpness, it's not just evil, he Ognian." But when they came to visit, and at the festive table was a modest pot of hot pepper in the marinade over it very quickly. And the male half (and with them - and the fair sex), was asked to "repeat" this appetizer, alluding to the "continuation of the banquet." It was only after she became convinced that it is not only simple, but tasty, and most importantly - claimed, allowed me to write this article. So today I am sharing with you how to cook hot peppers marinated in the winter.

How to cook lecho

Как приготовить лечо

For many years, making this simple snacks for the winter, called it pepper and tomato. While one of the extended family, saw it in my kitchen, happily said: "A letcho ready"! And to my surprise silent noticed it - a classic letcho, without any reservations and conventions.

Dressing for borscht

Как приготовить заправку для борща

This dressing for borscht, which in fact I use to much larger quantities of food, which are tomatoes and carrots, for me is a kind of "magic wand". And all because more than half the tomatoes completely "plastic" and there is in them neither the taste, which adds originality, no smell, which with nothing to confuse. And even the color of some dim and dismal.

A delicious homemade ketchup for the winter

Вкусный домашний кетчуп на зиму

A truly delicious ketchup loves prevailing most of us. But here more often, especially in supermarkets, you can hear from the parents counsel their children about the attractive packaging of one or another producer, like "put it immediately in place," or "not, in any case we will not buy it." And indeed, if you read the composition, which is often written in small and very small print, purchase and eat it to very few people want.

How to cook Cornel compote

Как варить кизиловый компот

Cornel compote terribly fond of my youngest son. And who knows what more: original, rich taste, wonderful aroma and deep, almost black color. But it does not matter, because the most likely - for everything at once. So today we will prepare Cornel compote in the winter, and you'll see how easy it is.

How to cook: Cornelian Cherry Jam

Как варить кизиловое варенье

This cornel jam, despite the fact that the season I cook like virtually all available fruits and berries, my one of the favorite. And all because the berries themselves are obtained very dense (I try to take a medium-sized, well-ripe dogwood), and the liquid part - thick and viscous. Therefore, in order not to tell how tasty, fragrant and beautiful turns cornel jam, just cook it today. And you'll see how easy it is.

Compote of plums for the winter

Компот из слив на зиму

Summer. It is time not only to these fruits and vegetables grown in the open ground, lung robes and gentle, warm sea, but also the preservation of the winter. And often they go one by one, and even experienced hostess beginning to tire of zakatok dreamily thinking, and when they finally run out?

Peach compote in winter

Персиковый компот на зиму

Peaches for me has always been the epitome of not just "one more fruit, delicious, but one of ..." and synonymous with tenderness, but the saturation. And of course, the original flavor, which is entirely transferred to the peach compote, which we today and prepare.


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