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Fish dishes

Hake in cream.

Тушеный хек в сметане

Heck in sour cream (or hake in cream sauce, as you wish to call it), I do not often cook. Why - do not know. But I was very surprised by the request of my eldest son, who belong with the fish dishes with a strong cool, cook for dinner tonight was his.

Hake in tomato sauce

Хек в томате рецепт

I cook hake in tomato sauce quite regularly. But that's why I decided to write an article about it just now - absolutely incomprehensible. Therefore, in order to quickly correct its mistake, go straight to the kitchen. Well, you - with me, if you do not want to lose sight of anything.

Fried hake

Жареный хек рецепт с фото

That's for sure, what could be easier than to cook fried hake elementary. And so I thought up until the first time not tasted this dish by its then still future, Tiffany. This is not something that is good and fine, it's great and wonderful!


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