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Cheese cake with strawberries

Cheese cake with strawberries

The reason for making this cheesecake with strawberries, very, very simple: an attempt to cater to my youngest son, whose menu with the onset of summer heat narrowed to compotes and fruit. While other products and dishes he ate with great reluctance. Therefore, such a simple way, I tried for breakfast, lunch and dinner (the cake turned out rather big, enough for the whole family, even the next day), I fed him cheese, which with sour cream and sugar in it performs the role of a cream. But - first things first.

Rustic Cherry Pie

Rustic Cherry Pie

When I caught the eye of the recipe for this cake with cherry village, it did not attach any value. Well, really, everything is a snap, and even just, I decided, and set it aside "for later". He did the composition of ingredients, neither the technology nor the name, did not cause macabre curiosity, forced to go straight to the kitchen.

Manna cheesecake recipe

Манник творожный рецепт

All sorts of dishes from cottage cheese I cook with enviable regularity. But the recipe for this cheesecake Manica, despite the fact that I got a very long time, has been implemented until now. I do not know why, but what happened, happened. All the more so because of its unusual taste, very soon, I'll make it again. Even children who are with a light hand dubbed it "curd maniac", ate it with great pleasure. A thankful consumers, silently absorbing his concoction, and even asked to supplement, this is the best compliment anyone, even the most venerable cooking.

Cottage cheese casserole with herbs

Творожная запеканка с зеленью

All kinds of simple, very simple, and vice versa, quite complex and multi-stage, I have practical knowledge and experience, more than a dozen. But meanwhile the lion's share of them - sweet and very sweet desserts, while salty foods - one, two and obchelsya. And I perceive the interests of each of them, trying not to fish or cut bait, as soon as possible to prepare. That is why I have today in the menu - salty cottage cheese casserole with herbs and how to do it - I'm with you, and share.


Как приготовить эклеры в домашних условиях

That's really never thought that ordinary eclairs, in my kitchen, I make up my mind ever prepare yourself. After all kinds of pastry shops, shops of sweets and a cookery departments in all supermarkets - a dime a dozen. And the choice they have always eclairs.

Lazy khachapuri with cheese in a pan

Ленивые хачапури с сыром на сковороде

On the Internet are countless recipes on how to cook the lazy khachapuri. But only they repeat each other, "as a blueprint." But a closer reading of the list of ingredients, to be exact - their proportion, even a novice cook appears stable suspect that it is - nothing more than an ordinary as cooking omelet with cheese, but not the most popular cake from Georgia.

Cake with apricot jam

Пирог с абрикосовым вареньем

Despite the fact that the cake with apricot jam turns out not simply tasty and delicious, and incredibly tasty and unrealistic. And eat it even faster than willing (though it takes a little time), I cook it quite often. And the reason - you need a real, tasty and rich apricot jam made from natural fruit, and not some jam, it is unclear on what to do and what the production has gone into its structure. But if it so happened that delicious toppings available - consider yourself very lucky. After all, everything else - simply elementary.


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