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Homemade pumpkin pie

Homemade pumpkin pie

Homemade pumpkin pie – easy dish, the recipe of which is in the cuisine almost all peoples of the world. Not for nothing, after all pumpkin is a vegetable not only very useful but also relatively cheap, and make his meals – a pleasure. 

Lavash bread in Russia

Lavash bread

Homemade lavash bread is indispensable to wrap Shawarma and rolls as the bread of nature for vegetables as starchy additions to the kebabs. Ready lavash bread I buy quite often - packed in large packages . Then as today I want to show you thin bread recipe. And a little looking ahead to say that at me it very well turned out.

Russian pierogi recipe

Today I'm going to depart from the General rule, and one recipe will tell you immediately about two Russian pierogi recipe: Roll with poppy seeds and jam roll, in this case with apricot jam. But what kind of jam you take to make the filling doesn't matter the technology is the same, but poppy seeds will have trouble. But everything in order.

Apple strudel

Apple strudel

Frankly, cook the shortbread strudel with apples, today was not part of my plans. But coincidentally, for dinner was like not only main dishes, but something for tea, sweetie.

Chocolate Kuhen

Chocolate Kuchen

To be honest, when I came across the recipe for this simple chocolate cake (I only later learned that the correct name is chocolate Kuchen), I immediately went to cook. Especially because in the recipe and was specified: prepare and bake it in the evening and until morning it would be soaked and cool. And since the clock was not yet late in the evening, I went to the kitchen baking my first chocolate Kuchen. Since then, it has become a tradition: cook it in the evening and is served in the morning for Breakfast.


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