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Russian soups

Russian cold soup Okroshka

Russian cold soup Okroshka

Summer heat, scorching heat and tries everything not just heat up and incinerate the roast and the sun. Very hard and unbearably difficult. Especially if there is no air conditioning in the room. But how it all will miss the winter, and before the arrival of summer, we will consider the weeks and days, anxiously expecting the full June come back in May.
And even though most of the dishes are not bound to the season, perhaps it is - an exception. 

How to cook soup with sausage

Как варить суп с колбасой

This simple mess of pottage with smoked sausage is just one of those dishes that are prepared for a maximum of half an hour, and eaten much faster. After all, hungry men (and it is for them and you are likely to prepare this simple dish), knock spoons on the table and demanding a hearty and tasty dishes. It is such a thick soup - mess of pottage with sausage, today we are going to cook. 

Vegetable soup

Овощной суп с кабачками

This vegetable soup (or vegetable soup as you wish to call it) from those that describe and longer to read than cook. Everything is really insanely easy. But this simplicity at the same time does not affect the final taste of the finished dish, which you strongly pleasantly surprised. 

Chicken soup with rice recipe

Суп куриный с рисом рецепт

This is not a dish that is cooked as a festive meal or as a "crowning the main pudding", which can show off to others. On the contrary, it is an ordinary, ordinary dish which is prepared in haste just half an hour from the minimum of products. Although, to be honest especially broth is cooked for him still much longer. 


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