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Russian desserts

Strawberry cream

Клубничный крем

Frankly, the preparation of this delicious and very simple cream with strawberries was an attempt to apologize to his wife for yesterday's later rather already today very early return. And since I had very little time for culinary delights, I went straight to the kitchen, good box with strawberries 250 grams (and that is how much it took for two servings), I was in the fridge. And other ingredients, such as milk, sugar and eggs were simply too home. So run headlong to the nearest store for anything not necessary. 

Strawberry Mousse

Мусс из клубники рецепт

This mousse with strawberries, I would suggest at least once to prepare yourself for every man. And then add to the number of win-win "sticks-vyruchalochek" along with a large bouquet of red roses, a bottle of champagne and nutmeg big box of delicious chocolates absolutely all the stronger sex.

Apple charlotte

Рецепт яблочного пирога шарлотка

Regardless of my age, culinary skills and knowledge, attitudes toward the apple charlotte was always somewhat dismissive. And not because this fruit tart little disliked (did not even quite the contrary), but because of its incredible ease of preparation. After all, the apple charlotte forgives many novice cooks their inability and lack of experience, and everything always turns out almost all of us. So just move from words to action today and prepare classic apple charlotte.

Curd cupcakes

Вкусные творожные кексы

Curd cupcakes. This is exactly the recipe that only called loudly - curd cupcakes, while preparing it is not easy, but very, very simple. This "culinary mystery of" if I may say so, may repeat any newcomer, who had managed to burn scrambled eggs and undercooked meat dumplings bought in the nearest grocery store. And of course, it is just perfect for those times when unexpected guests call and say: "I ​​leave to you in 30 minutes I will." So just prepare these cheese muffins on a very simple recipe and just 40 ... 45 minutes (depending on the size of your molds).


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