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Russian desserts

Peach ice cream.

Персиковое мороженое

Of course, this ice cream peach preparing not only from the fruit, but also from other, equally important components, but they are determining in taste. Gentle enough saturated and rich, but it is very peculiar, but unmistakable. And yet the very cream of peaches turns completely natural. That the dominance of modern high-tech chemicals in food and culinary industry is very, very important.

Yoghurt ice cream.

Домашнее йогуртовое мороженое

Cooking this yogurt ice cream I have not been forced, like children who constantly pestered with "Well Dad, well, please." Neither spouse, where fighting two opposites, one on chronic dieting in pursuit of the perfect figure, and the second is constantly requires something tasty and sweet (and in the summer - and even cold).

Chocolate ice cream at home

Мороженое шоколадное в домашних условиях

Remembering the delicious chocolate ice cream stay in my memory since childhood. But what I always lacked in it, this is the most "chocolate". Parents always laughed and commented that Khladokombinat entire cocoa powder simply stolen.
Years have passed, a lot of manufacturers offering a number of varieties and species that unwittingly become entangled in them. But all of them - only the very poor excuse of chocolate ice cream, which I feasted in childhood.

Real homemade ice cream

Домашнее мороженое из сливок

Real ice cream whipped cream for me has always been, is, and probably will be the coolest treat in a paper cup, which in Soviet times for 15 cents on sale in the nearest grocery store. But here's a taste, from childhood, and remained "thereby" to which none of the modern manufacturers do not even approached.

Homemade ice cream sundae

пломбир в домашних условиях

Many of us, especially those who are older, at the mention of ice cream in the minds of the Soviet dorisovyvat gastronomy, simple plain paper wrapper, waffle cup which always strove to leak while you lick all sides had time to melt ice cream and much, much more. But that has always been inherent in this simple delicacy is unmatched, unique taste. And manufacturers today, releasing more and more provocatively perepevki with the title: "The present Soviet ice cream", "Taste from childhood," "The same cream" and much, much more. However, we tasted another option, or a dumb grin skrivlyaemsya or comment: "Yes, it is possible, but it's not the same."

Kozinaki peanut

Арахисовые козинаки

Always loved, love, and probably will love the taste of sweet almonds (mostly from seeds) and salted roasted peanuts. And looking at the burning eyes of children and spouses realize that not alone in their allegiances. But one day, or rather already evening, I decided to combine both of these two dishes in one peanut and cook almonds. 


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