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Russian desserts

Sherbet with peanuts

Щербет с арахисом рецепт

Recipe of the sorbet with peanuts, I do not want to start from the beginning, like listing ingredients or necessary to do the dishes, and with my wife's reaction to it: "Well, you can not cook a delicious piece at night, it's terribly bad and unfair." And indeed, if you can break away from it, it is very, very difficult, and even then, very briefly.

Halva sunflower

Как приготовить халву в домашних условиях

I hasten to mention that neither the taste nor the color or even consistency, homemade halva from sunflower did not like the one that sold in pastry shops and grocery stores or supermarkets. But she did better than their analog purchased, it is just different. And cook it at least once, to lay down your own opinion, what is better all the same need. Moreover, it is very, very simple. Therefore I have today in the menu - elementary sunflower halvah.

Cheesecake with berries

Пирог творожный с ягодами

Cottage Cheese. This dairy product I love, respect, and prepare various dishes from it often enough. So when I came across another recipe cheesecake with berries, I just made it. And you know, considering the simplicity and very interesting, rich taste, I will soon prepare it again, so to speak, "to consolidate the knowledge."

Peat pie

Peat pie

Frankly, when I saw the name of the recipe - peat cake, then immediately decided that it was a typo author, or a silly joke of his own. But when I read, and even saw the final picture (step by step in this recipe was not), the firm decided to prepare for the coming festive dinner.

Coffee ice cream.

Кофейное мороженое

When his wife saw me on the monitor beginning of the text of this recipe, very surprised, "Why ice cream with coffee flavor, if it - an ordinary coffee ice cream, neither give nor take." However, some I do not agree with it, because coffee is not the basis, but only emphasizes his, giving unique, special and recognizable taste.

Kozinaki walnuts

Козинаки из грецких орехов

Kozinaki, whether from sunflower seeds or peanuts out of the ordinary, I cook and eat with enviable regularity. And that, just cook needs just two components, and the time it takes quite a bit.


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