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Vegetable dishes

Vegetable satay

Сатэ из овощей

This simple but very tasty dish I cook all the time, while there is ground vegetables for sale at him. And if some components, such as bell peppers or zucchini in the fridge was not - not at all upset, and even more so do not run them in the vegetable shop or on the market. There is no way, the taste of this vegetable satay if and suffer very slightly and insignificantly. Moreover, the exact number or weight, as a vegetable laying not all strictly on the eye.

Ratatouille recipe with photo

Рататуй рецепт классический с фото

My sons started pestering me this ratatouille cooking course and after watching the cartoon of the same name. However, the explanation that it is - in a special way peeled and braised with vegetables, a little cool their ardor, but they do it all the same I drove. So today we have a menu of classic ratatouille. Although many experts pursed her lips and snobby will notice that this can only be a ratatouille in France.

Recipe tasty squash caviar

Рецепт вкусной кабачковой икры

Pumpkin caviar certainly ate each. Hardly once. But she was almost always purchase from various manufacturers, and the question of why you do not do it, women silently shrugged their shoulders, and men asked another question - why? And everything could not explain why squash caviar from vegetables, the color of which is absolutely green, banks - a red-orange?

Stuffed zucchini recipe with photos

Кабачки фаршированные мясом и рисом

Stuffed peppers I cook and eat regularly enough. Especially in the summer season, when all the vegetables are not "plastic", but just from a bed. However, being unexpectedly visiting a friend, his wife, a little apologizing for simplicity, gives us this: Stuffed zucchini.
Naturally, when I tasted the hitherto unknown, very tasty and easy dish, asked about the subtleties and nuances of his mistress. And found that they simply do not, everything is really very simple, even elementary. Therefore, "armed with" a desire for something new and a camera, I went to the kitchen. And today I share lessons learned, and you can see for yourself how easy it is. 

How to cook eggplant caviar

Как приготовить икру из баклажанов

Most of us, especially those who are already out of childhood and adolescence, remember the phrase from the wonderful film "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes Occupation": "... overseas caviar, eggplant." And no wonder she was on holiday table with red and black caviar, because eggplant caviar is really very, very tasty. 


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