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Vegetable dishes

Zucchini baked with cheese

Zucchini baked with cheese

With the approach of summer, as a whole, and the heat of summer in particular, I do less and less and less desirable than just vygotavlivatsya while doing the most ordinary, ordinary food. However, there are sausages and pasta, all kinds of soups from concentrate, and even more so - instant noodles, is beyond me. That's why all the new dishes that are prepared with a minimum of ingredients, under the most sparing costs and stay in the kitchen and at the same time for at least the time - this is what I see with joy and enthusiasm.

Pumpkin fritters recipe with a photo

Pumpkin fritters recipe with a photo

When I first wrote a recipe on how to cook simple and tasty squash fritters, seeing this initiative (and it was my first recipe with step by step pictures) husband snorted something like: "Yes who cares, it's elementary ...". And what was her (and mine too) surprise that the number of grateful response was so great that I decided to repeat the experience.

Pumpkin baked in the oven with honey

Тыква запеченная в духовке кусочками

Season, when the stores of my city in the free market have pumpkin, quite brief. I do not know the reason for this "food discrimination", but this is the case when you just need to make it. Time to buy, cook and eat. And that is why I have today in the menu is the simplest, but that - no less delicious, baked pumpkin with honey. Here's how to do it, I'll tell you now.

Potatoes braised cabbage

Картофель тушеный с капустой

The first time to prepare the stewed potatoes with cabbage and mushrooms pushed me not to fast, not even diet, and elementary, human laziness. In the fridge, there was nothing (the Bank in pasteurized mushrooms - do not count), go to the store oh how not like (late in the evening and autumn with its rain and sleet) and felt very hungry. And from what it was, and I prepared this dish.

Braised cabbage with mushrooms

Тушеная капуста с грибами рецепт

Braised cabbage with mushrooms (any absolutely what you just find the nearest store), refers to the most simple and quick dishes that prepare elementary and eaten them even faster. Indeed, one of the best options for a simple and hearty dinner, which is prepared "one left."

How to roast potatoes with mushrooms

Как жарить картошку с грибами

The lion's share of all the recipes that I prepared more than the one and only time, "on trial", simple, very simple, and even quite elementary. But at the same time, all these dishes really tasty. Although the ingredients that went into their embodiment in life, very simple and sold in most grocery stores near my house in a residential area of ​​a small town.

Pumpkin fritters recipe with photos

Тыквенные оладьи рецепт с фото

October in full swing, which means it's time to prepare dishes from solar pumpkin! During the short summer, it has managed to preserve for us the hot rays of heat and light, and now ready to make a mouth-watering orange pancakes.
In the fairy tale - the pumpkin turned into a carriage, and on our table it will turn into a light and healthy dinner.

Simple dish of potatoes

Простые блюда из картофеля

Potatoes - an indispensable product for any hostess. Due to the high carbohydrate content of potato is very nutritious, and its calorie content several times higher as compared with other vegetables. For example, a hundred grams of chips contains 192 calories. A rainbow of flavors of this wonderful product in different dishes know, perhaps even children.


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