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Meat dishes

Как выбрать мясо для вкусных блюд

Many novice mistress difficult with a choice of meat on the market. The abundance and diversity in different planes of chopped beef or pork buyer injected into a stupor and forced to disperse eyes.

Buying meat - quite the responsible thing: what kind of piece will be selected depends on the quality of future meals. There are several rules that will not let mistakes and help get their money right product.

Old or younger?

Buckwheat with corned beef

как приготовить гречку с тушенкой

Most of us, especially those who are older, well remember the simple and unpretentious canned "Buckwheat porridge with meat" and "barley porridge with meat" mandatory were part of the diet and dry rations in many military units. But the thing, a thing of the Soviet era, the shops and supermarkets for its abundance of delight, and such simple canned completely disappeared from the market. And yet it is a very balanced diet, everything else is included in the number of easily digestible. It's no wonder nutritionists army (there were some) strongly recommended it as a regular diet. 

Pasta with meat

Pasta with meat

Pasta with meat (not to be confused with pasta nautically, it looks like, but also another dish), prepared according to the rule of three "very":
1. Very fast;
2.'s Very simple;
3. And very tasty.
And all of the three essential ingredients. So the answer to the question you cook pasta with meat today or not, it is quite obvious and predictable. 


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