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Meat dishes


Рулет мясной с яйцом внутри

This dish can safely recommend to those who are tired of the classic burgers order, from semi-finished products and preparations for this quick dinner already rather disgusted, but at the same time not so much.

Meat pie

Мясной пирог в духовке рецепт

Frankly, cook the meat pie, I'm not going to, but the menu I have on my meatloaf. But I made two small errors, due to which I have prepared a new, no less tasty, but at the same time very interesting dish. And as soon demanded my home to cook it "encore", I filmed everything and now I share this with you.

Pork chops in batter

Свиные отбивные в кляре

Grilled chops in batter loves my dad. He does it really skillfully, so they not only regularly feeds me when I "accidentally" find myself at his home (fortunately live in the same city), but also told a number of secrets that will ensure unparalleled flavor and tenderness awesome. They are, in fact, I want to share with you: 

How to cook liver cake

Как готовить печеночный торт

I do not know about you, but I have the word "cake" is absolutely certain, clear association:
• This is an incredibly delicious:
• It is very sweet (and very rich in calories);
• The most anticipated dessert for any occasion;
• Buy (or preparation) only on auspicious occasion;
• Ideally - to be with lit candles Name day and served in complete darkness. 


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