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Mushroom lasagna

Лазанья грибная

Lasagna - a common dish of Italian cuisine. Is very popular due to the ease of preparation and wide palette of taste. Stuffing for it can serve as meat, cheese, mushrooms, fish. Present to you the recipe for mushroom lasagna and - la Russe with bechamel sauce and cheese sauce.

Gnocchi - Italian dumplings

Ньокки - итальянские клецки на вашем столе

Gnocchi (gnocchi) - is an Italian dish, which is a dumpling oval. It gained popularity in our country along with all Italian dishes. Unlike other dumplings (Czech, German and Polish) is that the Italian dumplings are smaller and are made from durum flour with a variety of fillings. The most popular gnocchi made ​​from potatoes.

Potatoes with garlic and herbs

Картофель с зеленью и чесноком

Boiled potatoes anyway eat almost all of us. In one form or another, and not very tasty, undercooked, which crunches on the teeth, and it is not clear that: or undercooked whole tubers or nedorazvarennoe mashed potatoes, fresh young or very stale and simply sluggish. But somehow she is regularly in our diet (always slimming anorexic ladies - do not count). 


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