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Russian snacks


Хот дог рецепт с фото

Hot dogs, you've made yourself at home, though, and have similarities with those that are sold all over the place in a variety of fast-food restaurants and snack bars, inspire a lot more confidence. The reason for this is quite simple and straightforward: you are free to select the right ingredients, the quality of which is the least concern. After some ketchup or mustard in a bottle from a street vendor (I'm not talking already about the quality of sausages), we simply do not know. 

Canapes with herring

Canapes with herring

I will not have to certify that the preparation of these canapes with herring takes only a few minutes or a minimum of time. And all because the beets for them long enough cooked and pre-cooked and "accidentally left in the fridge" - it's like a grand piano in the bushes: all can be, but it happens very, very rarely. 

Sandwiches with canned fish

Бутерброды с консервированной рыбой

These simple fish sandwiches I strongly associated with student years when the abundance of food was not available because of the price and the time to cook confined intense learning process. But even with such constraints, these fish sandwiches (more precisely - with canned fish), were "nail any feast." However, years later, I still cook them, the more so that everything about everything you need less than 15 minutes. 


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