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Russian snacks

Zucchini appetizer

Кабачки с зеленью

The preparation of these pubs is fast for me thus "lifeline" when guests unexpectedly appeared (home you know exactly how easy and quick to cook them) need to "splurge", but there is not desires and perhaps something to cook .

Julien with mushrooms.

Жюльен из грибов шампиньонов

Julien with mushrooms I always called very simply - baked mushrooms with cheese. And prepares it often enough, as many would say, "eyes closed", with no pomp of did not. Dish as a meal, and all that. Moreover, I've never done it in portioned cocotte, and always baked in a great shape, which then filed.

Salted peanuts in the husk

Как сделать соленый арахис дома

A delicious and easy snack - fried salted peanuts in the shells, I have in many years is not for sale. And it is not enough that insanely delicious, so also some nostalgia for youth. When the first packets of a hitherto unknown delicacy imported from Turkey and sold them all over the place.

Recipe tasty squash caviar

Рецепт вкусной кабачковой икры

Pumpkin caviar certainly ate each. Hardly once. But she was almost always purchase from various manufacturers, and the question of why you do not do it, women silently shrugged their shoulders, and men asked another question - why? And everything could not explain why squash caviar from vegetables, the color of which is absolutely green, banks - a red-orange?

The original sandwich

Оригинальный бутерброд своими руками

Any father who is able to (I think) and love (that's for sure) to cook, always rejoices and takes an active part in the first culinary steps your child. And especially if he is preparing some simple, uncomplicated, even a dish not only themselves, but also to his younger brother. So I pushed all the works in the background and helped in every way (as well as photographed), and he is doing. And we came out of it, you are now able to see. 

Jellied beef

Холодец из говядины

Beef gelatin, as well as any other, love is not only me, but my wife and kids with her. And parents, "infantrymen entered to us at the light," also would not mind to try it. But here's the thing: when I cook it, and then me "cards in your hand." 


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