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Barley porridge with stewed meat

Barley porridge with stewed meat
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Most of us, especially the older generation, pearl barley is strongly associated with the Russian army. And though barley porridge not the only dish where it goes (remember at least  pickleв soup), "barley porridge with meat" these are the canned food familiar to many of us. But here's the bad news: they are not on sale (at least not found for all these years), but sometimes you want it. My spouse thumbed her nose from this dish, and her face read only one question: "how do you eat it"? I like that.



So today I will cook it from cereals and stew, and that the dish turned out even tastier, add to it a onion and carrots.
350 grams of barley well washed  several times until the water becomes more or less transparent,

Перловая каша с тушенкой

add 1.5 liters of water put on to cook. Cook without salt (cooked faster), under the lid, after boiling, reduce to low fire.
Перловая каша с тушенкой

Until grits is boiled, clean up the two medium-size bulbs of onion, wash,
Перловая каша с тушенкой

and finely chop.
Перловая каша с тушенкой

Almost always (these are the cans I've seen) in the stew on top is a layer of fat. Someone throws it out, someone does not, and I always fry vegetables on it when cooking. So open the jar and spread it to warm up. The three-liter saucepan is ideal for cooking, but if you do not have it on the farm, a large frying pan with high sides and a lid. When the fat is completely melted, spread it to fry onions,
Перловая каша с тушенкой

and in the meantime peel two medium carrots, wash,
Перловая каша с тушенкой

cut into thin strips
Перловая каша с тушенкой

and send to fry "in the company" to onion.
Рецепт перловой каши с тушенкой

The remaining fat-free stew (in fact, no matter what type of meat, the technology does not change, and the taste of the resulting dish is also not very different),
Рецепт перловой каши с тушенкой

put the vegetables, salt (a teaspoon without top), and add ground black pepper. Cover with a lid, reduce to a minimum the fire and extinguish it for five minutes.
Рецепт перловой каши с тушенкой

Meanwhile, barley cooked until soft.
Рецепт перловой каши с тушенкой

Spread it to the meat with vegetables, mix well.
Рецепт перловой каши с тушенкой

You may need to add a glass of water, if it is completely absorbed into the porridge, and if the grits a little "floats", then it is not necessary. Simmer for another five ... seven minutes, giving cereal, meat and vegetables to exchange tastes and smells.
Рецепт перловой каши с тушенкой

That's wisdom as slightly more than half an hour, with a minimum of effort to cook a full, hot meal in the company of hungry men banging spoons on the table demanding food.
Enjoy your meal.
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