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Chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes
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Let's cook chocolate cupcakes by our Russian recipe with photo



Classic situation: you have exactly half an hour to cook not only edible, but interesting, unusual and even a little festive dish. But nothing worthwhile does not come to mind . Too familiar situation, isn't it?
And here's my pretentious comment wife "after 30 minutes, our son comes from school with friends, they need to have something delicious to eat, you haven't forgotten that today is his birthday", brought me out of my daze and instantly sent to the kitchen. Where I first (time counting not  minutes, but seconds), 200 degrees turned on to heat up the oven. It's a start, what's next? And then we'll make chocolate cupcakes, because it's easy, fast and very tasty.
Choose chocolate cupcakes we will prepare from:
• 150 grams of wheat flour,
Chocolate cupcakes

• 200 grams granulated sugar (can put 250, "special offer" for the sweet tooth),
Chocolate cupcakes

• 60 ... 70 grams cocoa powder,
Chocolate cupcakes

• heaping tsp of baking powder,
Chocolate cupcakes

• the same amount of ground or soluble coffee (so we're "one shot kill two birds with one stone": both color chocolate cupcakes will be darker and richer, and the flavour is more interesting, with a slight bitterness),
Chocolate cupcakes

• three eggs,
Chocolate cupcakes

• 80 ... 100 ml milk,
Chocolate cupcakes

• and 50 ... 60 gram vegetable oil.
Chocolate cupcakes Russian recipe with photo

That's all, proceed.
First mix flour, sugar, baking powder, coffee and cocoa, in general, all "dry" components.
Chocolate cupcakes Russian recipe with photo

Now add the warm milk, eggs and vegetable oil (wet ingredients), and once again all should be well mixed. The dough is ready.
Chocolate cupcakes Russian recipe with photo

Pour it on the molds (no more than half of their volume, otherwise when baking they just come out),
Chocolate cupcakes Russian recipe with photo

put on a baking sheet and sent on the middle shelf of the oven for 20 minutes.
Chocolate cupcakes Russian recipe with photo

Take out the pan, get them ready. But even very hot chocolate cupcakes must be removed from the molds (or they fall off), and leave them to cool. It takes very little time, just a few minutes
Chocolate cupcakes Russian recipe with photo

then sprinkle them with powdered sugar and serve.
Chocolate cupcakes Russian recipe with photo

And as you can see, I kept to the allotted time. Moreover, I even have time to brew fresh tea with lemon to these simple, but so delicious chocolate cupcakes.
So you can add only one thing – Bon appétit.

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