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Russian rice burgers

Russian rice burgers
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Reading some good book, which has a description of an ordinary dinner in one Eastern country, my son came across the unusual name of the rice patties, and asked me a question: what is it? And really, why I often cook burgers with meat, fish, poultry or potatoes, but never from rice? And at least some details in the story was not (and could not be, it's not a cookbook), curiosity is the mention of not just sown, and woke a burning interest, which force me to go to the kitchen. After all, to make rice cutlets, you need quite a bit.



• Cup of rice, not necessarily oiled, and preferably round, to seethe,
Russian rice burgers

• three cups of water,
Russian rice burgers

• 100 to 150 grams of solid cheese,
Russian rice burgers

• dill, half of the beam will be sufficient
Russian rice burgers

• two eggs,
Russian rice burgers

• teaspoon of salt (no slides definitely, the cheese itself is salty),
Russian rice burgers

• flour and vegetable oil for frying. That's all.
Rice fill with water, add salt and put on fire. When it boils, reduce the heat to low and cook until the water is absorbed.
Russian rice burgers

During this time (half an hour), you will easily have time to grate the cheese,
Russian rice burgers

and finely chop the dill,
Russian rice burgers

because cooked rice is still very hot, and it needs badly to cool to room temperature.
Russian recipe rice burgers

Now mix all the ingredients for future rice cutlets in a single unit. The Foundation is ready.
Russian recipe rice burgers

In a pan pour vegetable oil and put it on the fire to warm up.
A couple tablespoons of flour (as a variant – take as much bread crumbs) spread on a flat plate. With wet hands roll a small ball and roll it in the  flour,
Russian recipe rice burgers

and out in the pan. Over medium heat, without covering with a lid cook  five ... seven minutes (until all components are fully ready),
Russian recipe rice burgers

then turn over and also cook another five minutes.
Russian recipe rice burgers

Put on a plate (I did two batches), and serve. Moreover, these rice cakes will be equally appropriate and as a garnish, and as a separate dish.
Russian recipe rice burgers

And that's why Bon appétit.

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