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Homemade hamburgers recipe with photos

Homemade hamburgers recipe with photos
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I won't go into the etymology of the term, as in, the correct burgers I cook or not. They, along with pizza and a number of other very popular dishes have  so many species and varieties that only enumeration of them would take many hours. And this is only to enumerate and to cook them, they will need days and weeks.



But looking at its composition, calorific value and method of preparation, there is only one question: why burgers are often sold in snack shops and street stalls, often – at every step, is ranked among the most harmful and dangerous dishes? In fact, it is a closed sandwich with fresh, roasted chicken and vegetables, and nothing more. It is unclear, very unclear.
Periodically, especially when I'm tired of the children nagging like "dad, co-O-O-O-O-k some ha-a-a-amburgers" I give up and cook them. Moreover, to be quite honest, it's a question of 15 minutes. The only thing you have to plan it in advance - special buns which is not inhabited constantly in our house.
Homemade hamburgers recipe with photos

You will also need minced meat (this time I took the veal) at the weight of 50 to 60 grams per bun.
Homemade hamburgers recipe with photos

Average onion I grind in a blender
Homemade hamburgers recipe with photos

add to the meat. Salt and pepper to taste,
Homemade hamburgers recipe with photos

form flat, round cutlets and fry on the grill. First five, seven minutes on one side,
Homemade hamburgers recipe with photos

and then the same on the other. If you have no grill – no problem, fry in a normal frying pan, the taste does not change.
Homemade hamburgers recipe with photos

Salted (or pickled, whichever you prefer) cucumber,
Homemade hamburgers

cut into thin slices.
Homemade hamburgers

In addition we will need mayonnaise (just a little)
Homemade hamburgers

and even less hot mustard.
Homemade hamburgers

And of course the lettuce, where the same without it.
Homemade hamburgers

Cutlets are ready. Remove еруь, and put on its place cutted  buns, for one minute.
Homemade hamburgers

Buns are flushed, and  warm.
Russian homemade hamburgers

Grease them with mayonnaise,
Russian homemade hamburgers

on one half place the Burger, and the other cucumber.
Russian homemade hamburgers

Add lettuce, and a bit of mustard
Russian homemade hamburgers

and put the two halves. Our hamburger is ready. Now prepare the rest depending on your tastes, preferences and desires.

And this is just one of the varieties of hamburger I cook. My children replace pickles with fresh tomatoes, mustard, ketchup, and lettuce just throw and receive (according to them), just an indescribable pleasure. I don't like this tomato sandwich, but tastes are differ.
Bon appetit.

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