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Casserole cheese-chocolate marble

Casserole cheese-chocolate marble
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All kinds of cheese on the pies and puddings I do that they say, "eaten a dog". And really, it is very difficult to surprise me with exotic recipe. But I immediately liked this marble chocolate casserole, the pictures do not convey the truly amazing structure and a very interesting appearance that you get. This marble casserole really surprised me. Pleasantly surprised. So don't waste the waiting time, cook it yourself. Moreover, it is very simple.



First take the bar of chocolate (100 grams or so, manufacturers often save on the buyer),
Casserole cheese-chocolate marble

and the same amount of butter.
Casserole cheese-chocolate marble

Put them in a water bath to melt.
Casserole cheese-chocolate marble

After five ... seven minutes we would get enough liquid, but still dense chocolate.
Casserole cheese-chocolate marble

Three eggs divided into whites and yolks. It's easy.
Casserole cheese-chocolate marble

Yolks mix with sugar (five tablespoons or half Cup, measure out whatever you like),
Casserole cheese-chocolate marble

triturated into a homogenous mass. Do it in a large bowl, in which you will cook casserole.
Casserole cheese-chocolate marble

Pour, but in no case do not stir (or not get marble structure) chocolate component.
Casserole cheese-chocolate marble

500 grams of cottage cheese (really any, although I took dry and fat),
Russian chocolate casserole "Marble"

three whites from eggs, two ... three tablespoons of sour cream,
Russian chocolate casserole "Marble"

and five tablespoons of flour (it acts as "a culinary sponge" in this dish),
Russian chocolate casserole "Marble"

mix to smooth paste in a food processor or blender bowl. So we "kill two birds with one stone": both components are mixed until a homogeneous state, and the lumps in the cottage cheese (if they have one), break and shred.
Russian chocolate casserole "Marble"

Spread the cottage cheese in the eggs with the sugar and chocolate and gently mix. I did a bamboo stick for barbecue, it turned out, in my opinion, not bad.
Russian chocolate casserole "Marble"

Preheat  the oven170 ... 180 degrees, and prepare a baking dish with high sides with wax paper for baking. Pour batter for casserole and again the same bamboo stick "draw out" marble.
Russian chocolate casserole "Marble"

Bake on the middle shelf for 35 to 40 minutes, and immediately take out the casserole. Otherwise it will just fall off. This will not affect the taste, but the appearance will suffer greatly.
Russian chocolate casserole "Marble"

Cut into small pieces, because the resulting dish is quite nutritious. Although experience shows that many will ask for supplements.

That's wisdom. Bon appetit.

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