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Zucchini compote with pineapple flavor

Zucchini compote with pineapple flavor
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I must say honestly, pineapple zucchini, including compote, over the years I tried to do more than once. But always - to no avail, despite the fact that the variants have tried mass. But never, in any recipe, not just proposed to use pineapple juice and vegetables, so this recipe I'm not just interested, but forced to go immediately to the nearest market for squash and the nearest shop - for pineapple juice.



And I do not know that I will taste a couple of months (and the pineapple compote of courgettes should stand as much in a dark place, to become truly a single entity), but try "with wheels" is a pudding, I was not disappointed. And no taste or texture, or even appearance. Therefore, we proceed.
To make the pineapple zucchini, we need:
• Squash in the amount of one and a half kilograms. And the thinner and denser will itself vegetable, so tasty and the most similar to the pineapple and then it happens.
Zucchini compote with pineapple flavor

• A liter of pineapple juice. To him there is no requirement, which buy - so be it.
Zucchini compote with pineapple flavor

• 200 ... 250 grams of sugar. There are no precise recommendations, it all depends on your taste and the sweetness of the juice itself.
Zucchini compote with pineapple flavor

• And a teaspoon citric acid.
Zucchini compote with pineapple flavor

That's all.
But the most responsible - to properly prepare zucchini. They must be clear and round shape (I took the ordinary, the smallest glass), cut the fiber core with seeds.
Zucchini compote with pineapple flavor

Now we place them in a saucepan, add sugar and citric acid, pour the juice and put everything on a plate, covered with a lid. When it comes to a boil, reduce to a minimum the fire and pinpoint exactly 15 minutes.
Zucchini compote with pineapple flavor

Meanwhile, wash and sterilize the banks (of this volume will only have two liters of pineapple compote), then decompose zucchini, spill syrup and roll up. When banks have cooled - remove them away, so as not to interfere and not "eyesore."
Zucchini compote with pineapple flavor

That's all, our pineapple zucchini ready. And as the author of this recipe, no one can tell the difference. I do not know, I will try - I shall necessarily share their feelings.
Enjoy your meal.

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