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How to pickle squash for winter

How to pickle squash for winter
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For me, summer - the season when all want to get done, but at the same time - not much strain. And in the annex to the kitchen - spend it as little time and effort, but at the same time - to diversify what happens. And this applies to both the daily food, and to the preservation of the winter.
Therefore I have today in the menu - classical marinated zucchini. But as they do, I'll tell you now. And you'll find that this recipe - the simplest, even elementary and very fast.



So to make six liter jars of pickled zucchini classic, you will need:
• three kilograms themselves zucchini (not thick, preferably with small seeds)
How to pickle squash for winter

• Two large (three or less) of carrots,
How to pickle squash for winter

• a pair of medium garlic cloves,
How to pickle squash for winter

• one large island perchina,
How to pickle squash for winter

• salt,
How to pickle squash for winter

• sugar,
Russian canned marinated squash

• Bay leaf,
Russian canned marinated squash

• vinegar
Russian canned marinated squash

• and water. That's all begin.
Squash mine, not thick cut into circles,
Russian canned marinated squash

and cleaned carrots - rather short straw.
Russian canned marinated squash

Each laid a clean jar:
• a couple cloves of garlic,
• a piece of red pepper (without seeds and the white core to our classic marinated zucchini were not as sharp)
• carrots,
• heaped teaspoon salt
• Two - sugar,
• One ... two things leafs,
• lay, but not to the top, zucchini (still good then they will absorb brine)
• pour two tablespoons of vinegar,
• neckline and top up with boiling water.
Russian canned marinated squash

Put pasteurized. 25 minutes after boiling,
Russian canned marinated squash

then hermetically sealed lids, and put them in a dark place for storage "before winter." That's all wisdom, our classic marinated zucchini ready.
Russian canned marinated squash

Enjoy your meal.

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