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How to cook wheat brew

How to cook wheat brew
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For me, summer is not only the sea, the heat and the abundance of fruit, and specific cuisine. And this applies to both food and drinks, all of which must be cold, very cold, even icy. And one of them, the most popular and sought after, it is a simple wheat brew. And here's how to cook it, I'll tell you now.



But first of all be patient, because the time on how you go to the kitchen to do it until you get a delicious, cold and refreshing drink, it's three days. So wait and torment (well, when it can be to drink), still have to. But it's worth it as nothing compared with her purchased, even very expensive and high-quality counterparts, it is not.
So, to make wheat brew with honey, you need a large loaf of white bread or wheat loaf.
How to cook wheat brew

However, we do not need it in the form of soft and fragrant pastries, as well as biscuits. So you can take the wheat bread is not the first freshness, and even stale. But as I just did not have it, then put on a 190-degree oven to heat up, and specially bought themselves chop bread. And the smaller the pieces are - the faster it dries.
How to cook wheat brew

Therefore, we spread it on a baking sheet and 35 ... 45 minutes to remove the middle shelf of the oven.
How to cook wheat brew

And if the bread slices lightly browned and even podpekutsya - it does not matter the color of wheat kvass will be richer and more interesting.
How to cook wheat brew

Rusk ready. Turn off the oven and in the pan for eight ... ten liters, put to boil six liters of water. Then pour the boiling water and biscuits for four ... six hours (until cool leavened base), is set aside.
How to cook wheat brew

Gravity (this is very important), through a fine sieve, poured the resulting liquid
How to cook russian wheat brew

and dissolved in it,
How to cook russian wheat brew

150 grams of sugar,
How to cook russian wheat brew

and the same amount of honey. Sugar will quickly ferment yeast and honey give the same flavor that can not be confused with anything.
How to cook russian wheat brew

Incidentally active baker's yeast. They need to take half a small bag 11 grams, that is, for this volume - just one teaspoon.
How to cook russian wheat brew

They, too, we add to the basis for wheat kvass stir again, cover with a lid, and 10 ... 12:00 "forget" it at room temperature.
How to cook russian wheat brew

Now poured into a sealed bottle, clean in the refrigerator and wait for two more days, until the wheat brew is quite ready.
How to cook russian wheat brew

That's all the wisdom,
How to cook russian wheat brew

enjoy your meal. And do not forget to put a new wheat brew as you drink it very, very quickly.

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