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Russian recipe "rich buckwheat"

Russian recipe "rich buckwheat"
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Garnish as cereals as a whole and in the form of buckwheat in particular, do not like my sons. In every way trying to smear the majority of porridge on a plate, quickly send it to the sink until the Pope does not see, or even some tricks that I still have not figured out yet. And so the recipe, in which there is no clear division into a main dish and a side dish to it, I took it with joy and not fail them in the near future to take advantage of. Therefore, it is in your court that buckwheat tradesmen, as well as a step by step recipe for how to do it.



You will need:
• 350 grams of ground beef, pig (I do not like to mess with him, so I prefer to buy a ready-)
Russian recipe "rich buckwheat"

• 200 grams of buckwheat,
Russian recipe "rich buckwheat"

• onions,
Russian recipe "rich buckwheat"

• medium carrots,
Russian recipe "rich buckwheat"

• 70 grams (a little bag) of tomato paste,
Russian recipe "rich buckwheat"

• half a small head of garlic.
Russian recipe "rich buckwheat"

• as well as vegetable oil (a few tablespoons), a teaspoon of salt and water. That's all we need.
In a deep pan, pour vegetable oil and put it on the stove to heat up.
Clean and finely cut onions.
Russian recipe buckwheat "rich"

We send it to the gold,
Russian recipe buckwheat "rich"

and purify themselves on a coarse grater shred carrots.
Russian recipe buckwheat "rich"

We put it to the onions, stir.
Russian recipe buckwheat "rich"

On a dry frying pan put a separate dry buckwheat. So when cooking it remains a grain of grain, and will not "unappetizing razmaznёy."
Russian recipe buckwheat "rich"

We add to the onions and carrots minced meat, mix well, so it was fine and did not "big shapeless chop."
Russian recipe buckwheat "rich"

A couple of minutes add the tomato paste, salt, and cook another minute so.
Russian recipe buckwheat "rich"

Now add buckwheat, fill it with water so that it only covered half finished dish again mix well, and under the lid, over low heat, tormented 15 more ... 20 minutes.
Russian recipe buckwheat "rich"

This amount of food turns into four ... five full servings. But from experience I know that some supplements are guaranteed to be asked. And since getting cold buckwheat tradesmen quickly enough, then call me all to the table.
Russian recipe buckwheat "rich"

That's all wisdom, bon appetit.
But wait, say the most attentive of us, but what about garlic? Its not you use for buckwheat tradesmen? Not at all. Peeled garlic to put in a ready-made meal at the rate of a small clove per serving. But as you chop, garlic press or finely slice the easy - decide. Now exactly Enjoy your meal.

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