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Cauliflower Korean style

Cauliflower Korean style
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All kinds of pickled snacks and salads, I really, really love. And like a real chef, I know, and make them more than a dozen recipes. But cauliflower I cook for the first time and do not know what will happen: disgusting and inedible "something", a place which in a dump or a magical and very tasty dish, which I will soon try again.



But the words words, they are can not eat, so go directly to the cause. In our case - cooking cauliflower in Korean. For this we need:
• Intermediate plugs cauliflower, weighing 700 ... 800 grams,
Цветная капуста по корейски

• bag of spice mix "Seasoning for Korean carrot"
Цветная капуста по корейски

• One medium carrot,
Цветная капуста по корейски

• two ... three cloves of garlic,
Цветная капуста по корейски

• a liter of water,
Цветная капуста по корейски

• heaped tablespoon salt
Маринованная цветная капуста по корейски

• one-third cup of sugar,
Маринованная цветная капуста по корейски

• the same amount of vinegar,
Маринованная цветная капуста по корейски

• and 100 grams (can be a little less) of vegetable oil.
Маринованная цветная капуста по корейски

That's all finished with the preparation.
Two ... three-liter pot (much - not enough) of water, salt, sugar, vinegar and oil set to boil the brine.
Маринованная цветная капуста по корейски

It will happen fast enough, so I shred cauliflower. Small inflorescences use so large and cut into three ... four parts.
Цветная капуста по корейски рецепт фото

Carrots are clean and three. If you do not have a special grater for Korean carrot - not a problem, come up and a large common.
Цветная капуста по корейски рецепт фото

When the brine to boil, put in a mixture of spices and crushed garlic press. Boil minute
Цветная капуста по корейски рецепт фото

then put in a cabbage and carrot, and turn off the fire under the pot. As such, at room temperature and under a cover (just incomparable smell), "forget" her eight ... ten hours. So it is completely promarinuetsya.
Цветная капуста по корейски рецепт фото

That's all wisdom, pickled cauliflower is ready. The only advice - before serving, drain all the brine, then you have it just will not. And the rest - you know, I have to be very interesting, rich and just a terrific flavor. And, as predicted in the next few days, I again made pickled cauliflower in Korean it is for him. After all, he turned perfectly balanced, anything nor add nor subtract.
Цветная капуста по корейски рецепт фото

So, enjoy your appetite.

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